It’s TIME for … a Culture Where “You Walk the Walk”

Pocket Watch And Five Dollar Bills

Does your team create exceptional experiences for everyone they speak with?
Can you say with confidence that each client interaction is handled by a capable representative, either a staff member or a volunteer, who is committed to exceeding expectations?

If your answer is a less than an emphatic “all the time”, then you don’t need to look far because this culture starts with YOU.  You are working within your organization and applying your TIME to cultivate people and expectations.

Train: Help your staff and your volunteers. Through on-the-job training, demonstration and even formal workshops you can help them to develop strong skills to handle every interaction with confidence, whatever the situation. Keep the team up-to-date and help them to see themselves as consultants who use their skills and knowledge in every situation. You want them to view each situation as an opportunity to help the organization.

Inform: Be sure that everyone is in the loop by supporting information flow. It is your job not only to outline clear goals but also strategies for realizing them. Then make sure that you facilitate consistent two-way dialogue between you and each member of your team. Finally, transform the individuals you rely on into a team that can be a think tank for ideas.

Motivate: Your team must work hard and help you realize your organization’s goals.  Long hours, challenging situations…it can be hard work so your encouragement helps.  And of course, remember that everyone wants to grow. It is your challenge to set up opportunities for members of your team to become team leaders, mentors, subject-matter experts. Give them a chance to shine!

Exemplify: This fourth element of a transformative culture makes it all happen…YOU.  You can are an example to everyone you work with. You “talk the talk” but success depends on delivering to both your team and your constituents. You make a commitment to lead by example and

  • Treat your staff the way you want them to treat your customers
  • Encourage innovation and initiative
  • Make sure every policy and procedure is flexible to meet the organization’s needs as well as the needs of your team members.

You are a role model. Show your team that you are there to fill in for anyone and to “walk the walk.”