Since its founding in 1991, RPM Frontline Solutions has applied a personal approach to help its clients develop staff and enhance the organization’s performance. It has helped companies and nonprofits alike with commitment to:

  • Collaborative client relationships and Personal service.

The best decisions are reached with team work; that’s why our team-based approach engages multiple stakeholders. We can be sure you achieve a unified course of action that will benefit by the ownership at all levels.

  • Reality-based strategies

We will analyze your situation;  no assumptions. We will conduct a thorough assessment using interviews, surveys, observation and meetings. Whatever data collection method works best in your culture. Our goal is to understand your goals, your strengths and the areas where improvements are needed to get there.

  • Collaborative support that is action plan driven.

We work closely with your organization to develop an action plan and follow up methods .  This helps to insure that the strategic directions taken through our work become integrated in the culture of your organization.  We define action steps, assign tasks and deliverable dates.  We can help to track progress over time or train your inhouse team to do the tracking themselves.

  • Innovation and Creativity to reflect your vision, culture and goals.

We work with our clients to understand the issues of greatest strategic importance to them – We then use these core issues to guide creative and innovative tactics focusing on what matters most, resulting in action that brings positive results.

  • Empowering and Motivating your team to reach their fullest potential.

RPM knows that your team will continue what we help them to begin. That’s why we focus on empowering them to execute after we are gone.  We develop their skills,  build their confidence, and leave them wanting to continue realizing success.

  • Respect  your constituents…customers, employees, volunteers, managers.

Whether we are helping with strategic and tactical action or providing the extra manpower you need to take action, RPM will work with your team as is we are one of them.  We respect their dedication to our mutual goals and role up our sleeves to do whatever is needed.  We are never on the outside looking down!

  • Seamless Communication and information-sharing.

The only to effect change and realize goals is with ongoing communication.  Through regular meetings, conference calls, status reports and any other means of communication you use most effectively, RPM will keep you abreast or anything we do and anything we learn.