RPM Frontline will help your staff perform at peak potential.  Through targeted  staff development and training strategies we can offer your team customized training that is created for your company reality. We integrate your products, your branding and your goals.  Most importantly it has your company’s practices integrated into every element of the training.

Our customized training process is thorough and personalized.  RPM will:

  • Design, develop and implement customized learning initiatives
  • Create training materials using real hands-on applications
  • Develop specialized sales, customer service, sales management and train-the-trainer curriculums
  • Develop sales, and service team coaching and reinforcement to refine skills and enhance performance
  • Conduct skill follow up assessments
  • Conduct Train-the-trainers to let your staff run with on-going training
  • Guarantee experienced and motivating trainers

Product Reinforcement

  • New Product Launches to give your staff in-depth understanding of their new products and how to position it. We will get your front line excited about selling!
  • Product evolution and repositioning. We can help your team with the language to reposition products. Your team will wants to sell them even if they have been around for a long time.
  • Marketing strategies need to be communicated.  If your front line understands how you will market and advertise your product they will be better able to respond when they talk with a customer.  We can help you develop training that discusses your strategies and how they will impact the customer.
  • Branding is your product. We can develop programs that give your staff an understanding of your branding philosophy and how to use it effectively in the sales process.

Targeted Sales Skills

  • Customized sales training that integrates your products, your branding and your competitive edge.
  • Or maybe you need service training that addresses your service challenges and targets specific areas where you need to improve customer service delivery
  • Who is your competition? We can develop training that discusses the competitive and helps your staff develop a targeted competitive response.