The training and the “on-the-floor” monitoring boosted their confidence and we saw bundled sales continue to climb from 32% to 60% of total sales. . .” Steve Frantela, Formerly Vice President Sales and Marketing, Time Warner Cable

“RPM overcame our initial fears that it could not be done . . . we ended up with a flexible, tailorable product with a long-shelf life, plus tools for customization that made the program useful and beneficial…”  Jim Honiotes, VP Lynch Cable Resources, (Formerly Vice President of Marketing and Communications, International Channel Networks)

“The RPM training assessment project was truly the turning point in our training team’s ability to function as a true strategic partner in the organization.” Aneesah Deen-Carlos, Director of People Development, Time Warner Cable, South Carolina Division

“Strategic planning – and implementation of that plan – is a strong suit of Pam’s. She is a pro at working with a group that may not always be on the same page, identify the common goals and purpose and help people think through the steps needed to accomplish the goals. She then sticks with the plan — and guides people to stay the course to ensure that the planning phases weren’t just a one-off process, but a course of action for positive outcomes.” Ellen Marshall, Owner, Good Works Group, Boulder Colorado