Let RPM Frontline Solutions be your partner. We are your resource for breakthrough results that is driven by:

Staff Training Support

  • Design, development and implementation of customized learning initiatives
  • Creative and applicable training materials that improve skills using real applications
  • Specialized  sales, customer service, sales management and train-the-trainer curriculums
  • Sales, and service team coaching and reinforcement to refine skills and enhance performance
  • Skill follow up assessments
  • Organizational effectiveness studies
  • Strategic planning guidance
  • Experienced and motivating trainers

Research and Data Collection

  • Efficient and invaluable in-house data collection
  • Performance measurement strategies
  • Design, coordination and facilitation of research focus groups for marketing, new product development, customer satisfaction and field operations
  • Design  of research tools, i.e. field observation guidelines, monitoring tools, interview guides, surveys

Project Management

  • Talented manpower to run or support a marketing, sales or training project
  • Manage project tracking including analysis and reporting
  • Supervise the maintenance of your organization’s website
  • Coordinate and implement special events including staff meetings, client events and community outreach


Photo Credit: Rainer Malzbender